My photography journey started after getting a camera to document research into wolves in the Rocky Mountains in 2008. My first real shoot was on a practice rodeo course outside Prescott, Az. in 2009. 

I shot for years throughout my travels in auto mode developing my "eye" but had no real sense on how to technically work my camera. That all changed when I started taking classes at the Los Angeles Center of Photography in 2018.  At LACP, I was able to take workshops with master L.A. street photographers from Estevan Oriel to Ibarionex Perello. I took classes in everything from basic photography, TTL flash photography to studio and private lessons in professional work flow, Photoshop, Lightroom, street photography and eventually over time, developed my skills into becoming a professional photographer.

I have been mentored by LACP Executive Director, Julia Dean through private lessons and started primarily as a street photographer. This is the foundation to everything I do. Currently, I'm being mentored by former Entertainment Weekly photo editor, Michele Romero.


My focus is Entertainment Event photography and documenting the underground of Los Angeles. I shoot everything from large production shows and Grammy award winning artists to small productions that I do research on that no one has ever even heard of.


For event photography, I have a very fast camera, the timing and experience down to capture sports shots and have the lenses to get the close ups of your favorite musicians. I know when someone is about to do something on stage before they do it and have the knowledge of what settings to use for what kind of lighting, what kind of action and everything in between. 


I shoot in either raw or jpeg depending on the situation. Shots delivered to you will be transferred professionally in jpegs and are backed up to cover any mishaps should they occur. I put in the time, the hard work and the passion into my education and I take my job very seriously. I am proficient in capturing an experience (when someone sees a photo), as if they were right there at the time when it occurred. 


I would love to be able to work with you, look through the lens at what you've created and share the story the way it was meant to be told...

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*Member: American Society of Media Photographers